All about HMS21:
History Marketing Summit 2021

After a one-year pandemic pause, History Marketing Summit returned 9 Sep 2021 to Nalen in Stockholm. As usual, a full day about and with companies actively using heritage as a strategic asset. This year with Adidas (Germany), Ford Motor Company (USA), Swedbank, Spotify, Skansen, the Nobel Museum, ICA, Arla. Democracy Ambassador Lena Posner Körösi emphasized the importance of keeping history alive – in all parts of society. The Dalén Museum and the Economic Museum received this year’s Business History Award.

Just like with HMS16, HMS17, HMS18 and HMS19 we filmed all the presentations. Scroll down to see them all. The films are 20-25 minutes long. 

Martin Gebhardt: This is how Adidas works with its heritage 

After eight years at Adidas’ corporate archives, Martin Gebhardt took everything he knows about Adidas’ rich history to his new job – at Adidas’ marketing department. At HMS21, he told more about how to weave history into marketing of today’s shoes.

Ted Ryan: This is how Ford Motor Company works with its heritage 

In 118 years, a company has time to create a lot of history. Ted Ryan and his team at Ford Motor Company collect physical and digital artifacts – so Ford can use history for its future development. And sometimes also to contribute to historical mockumentaries! Ted tells more.

Johan Eriksson: This is how Swedbank worked with the 200-year jubilee of the savings bank idea

In 1820, the first savings bank was founded. Swedbank, whose roots trace back to that bank, wanted to highlight this bicentennial in 2020. But how do you celebrate an idea? Among other things through the concept “Forward then, forward now”. Johan Eriksson, Head of Communications at Swedbank, explained this and more in a conversation at HMS21 with Anders Sjöman, Head of Communications at the Centre for Business History.

Katarina Berg: This is how Spotify breaks with history! 

All of a sudden, a company can choose to break with historically estabished practices – like what it means to work at the company itself. In the future, Spotify will allow employees to work from wherever they want. For “work is something you do, not something you go to”. At HMS21, Katarina Berg, Spotify’s global HR manager, told more about how this break with time-honed working practices will be implemented.

Helen Winberg: This is how outdoor museum Skansen generates new revenues – using the cultural heritage it is entrusted to protect.

Outdoor museum Skansen is not only a popular tourist and visitor destination – but its environments are also popular filming locations. But no film team comes in without dealing with Helene Winberg, film coordinator at Skansen. Which thus gives the foundation-controlled cultural heritage environment a source of income in the millions. Helene told more about that job at HMS21.

Gustav Källstrand: This is how the Nobel Prize became famous! 

The Nobel Prize is today known worldwide – but it took time to get there. Historian Gustav Källstrand, who recently published a new book about the Nobel Prize and the history of the Nobel Foundation, told more about how it happened – and about the work that is going on in the Nobel Foundation’s archives right now.

How not to part with historical concepts: Josefin Lundberg, ICA and Antoine Riché, Arla.


As a marketing manager, you always want to create something new. How then do you refrain from NOT replacing historical concepts? Like the advertising concept ICA soap (start 2001) or Bregottfabriken (start 1995)? At HMS21, Josefin Lundmark from ICA and Antoine Riché from Arla explained how they kept their fingers out of the historical ad jars.

Lena Posner Körösi, The Committee for a Strong Democracy: History keeps democracy alive

In 2021, Sweden will celebrate 100 years with universal and equal suffrage. A democratic milestone. But it was not easy to get there. Just like democracy will not survive without constant maintenance today. Lena Posner Körösi, Democracy Ambassador for the Democracy 100 Years Committee, gave the larger perspective on the importance of history in this speech at HMS21.

Cecilia von Heijne: How we work at the Museum of Economy 

The Museum of Economics (Royal Mint Cabinet) is a place for economic learning for anyone who is curious about the role of economics historically and today. Museum director Cecilia von Heijne told more about the museum’s activities at HMS21 – where the museum was also one of two winners of this year’s Business History Prize.

Cecilia von Heijne: How we work at Dalénmuseet

The Dalén Museum in Stenstorp honors the inventor, business man and Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalén and the company AGA where he worked. Museum director Elin Andersson told more about the museum’s activities at HMS21 – where the museum was also one of two winners of this year’s Business History Prize.

Anders Sjöman: Om strategiskt historiebruk och history marketing

A company’s history is always worth highlighting. But how do you find the right balance between the stories of yore and today’s activities? Because you do not want the use of history to be too – back heavy. Anders Sjöman, Head of Communications at the Center for Business History, gave this year’s tips on how to find the right balance in your history marketing, so that heritage really propels business forward. 

Pictures from HMS21. (Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf)