Board games take center stage in latest Företagshistoria

Board games, AGA’s unknown car and SAS’s bumpy ride all covered in the latest issue of Företagshistoria, out 7 December 2021.

In Sweden, most people have at some point held a deck of cards from Öbergs in their hands. We now tell the story of the Eskilstuna company J. O Öberg & Son who in the early 1900s shaped the card industry with their kings, queens and jacks. But not only card games, but also board games, have entertained generations of Swedes. The gaming company Alga has dominated the area and some of their most popular games – and the stories behind them – are highlighted in this issue.

We also take to the skies. The airline SAS is celebrating 75 years at a time when aviation is tougher than ever. But the company has had setbacks before and come back. Former SAS CEO Jan Carlzon writes a column on the subject in this issue . This and much more to look forward to in Företagshistoria no 4 2021, available at Pressbyrån or in our own bookshop.

Företagshistoria #4 2021.