Chronicle 2016 is here

2016 was fun. New clients, projects and challenges. We summarize it all in our Chronicle 2016. Read texts from the chronicle here – or order a free copy of it.  (All in Swedish, though.) .

Last year, we desisgned our chronicle as a tabloid. This year, it’s a book – because we started a publishing house.  Designer also this year was Johan M Sandell, Monotude.

read our chronicle 2016 as pdf (in swedish)

order a free copy of chronicle 2016 (in swedish).

Here are some of the texts from Chronicle 2016:

CEO: “Guardians of history, watchmen of truth”.

When concepts like “fact resistance” and “alternative facts” become commonplace, our roles as archivists and historians become more important than ever, says CEO Alexander Husebye

Head of Archives: ”A digital challenge for history’s sake”

Physical material was always “left behind”. A skilled archivists could recreate the context. But digital information that isn’t actively saved will be erased next time you clear out your hard dirve. What will happen with our archives when there’s nothing left to archive? asks our ead of archives, P-O Karlsson. 

Head of Communication: ”We’re the story tellers who never have to make up anything.”

The proof points for the promises that a company gives today can be found in what it has done historically. The needed stories are all there in the archives: true, strong, reliablle. They are good stories that you never have to invent, writes our head of communication Anders Sjöman.

Membership Service: ”We want even more running about in the archives!”

Our membership service had more to do in 2016 than ever before. Requests and questions from membership companies, reseachers, media and others increased significantly, tells archivists Lina Wiberg and Linda Israelsson.

Project Manager: “A new publishing house was born in 2016”.

For years now we have produced books and reports. So in 2016, we took the natural net step – and started our own publishing house, tells project- and production manager Jenny Bergman.

Head of Research: “Sweden, we have a research library!”

For our research department, 2016 was the year when three of our own projects reached their final stage as puslished books and when our own library was upgraded to official research library, tells our head of research Anders Houltz.

Head of school activities: “Source verification has never been hotter.” 

More lesson plans on our educational site with free lesson material convinced more teachers to come visit us physically too, tells head of school activities Anahi Davila.

By the way, do you know how to speak archival?