Elekta celebrated 50 years
with new heritage site

In 1972, Elekta was founded based on Professor Lars Leksell’s groundbreaking gamma knife. Fifty years later, Elekta is a world leader in precision radiation, working to ensure that patients worldwide receive the best possible cancer care. This development is described in a newly written history produced for Elekta’s 50th anniversary by the Center for Business History.

Professor Lars Leksell’s gamma knife pioneered what was described as “bloodless brain surgery.” In 1972, he founded the company Elekta with his son Larry Leksell to commercialize the radiation knife. Today, Elekta is a leader in precision radiation therapy, providing equipment for both radiosurgery and radiotherapy, addressing the entire body rather than just the brain.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2022, Elekta sought to describe the evolution of the company, encompassing both successes and challenges in both treatment and business aspects.

The Center for Business History was engaged to first establish an archive, filling it with historical documents and in-depth interviews with around twenty long-time employees. Based on this foundation, and supplemented with additional interviews and research, a comprehensive history was then written and made available on Elekta’s website.

Read Electa’s history here (all in English).

Mattias Thorsson, Communications Director at Elekta, shares his perspective on the process:

“We wanted an outsider’s view of our own development. We wanted a questioning and at the same time comprehensive history. That’s what we got – and moreover, a vivid description with all the development phases of the company outlined, where many employees, spanning a long period, provide their perspectives on the progress.”

Mattias further elaborated on how Elekta showcased its history during the anniversary in a presentation at the History Marketing Summit 2023. The presentation was recorded:

See Mattias talk about Electa’s jubilee (in Swedish). 


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