HMS17: How Systembolaget works with its history

– At Systembolaget, we need to know our history to understand our future, says Anna Larsson, head of store communication at the Swedish state liquor monopoly. Watch her full presentation from this year’s History Marketing Summit (in Swedish).

At the History Marketing Summit 2017, held on October 3 in Stockholm, Anna Larsson, head of store communication and graphic production at Systembolaget, explained that the company looks to its history when making decisions today

She also stressed how important the corporate history is for new employees. All new hires are given introductory programs, where for instance the stories on the historical website are fundamental to understand why Systembolaget has the exclusive right in Sweden to sell alcohol. (The historical website is a production from the Centre for Business History, by assignment from Systembolaget. The Centre for Business History also safeguards Systembolaget’s historical archives.)