Kinnarps takes its archive to the next level

Kinnarps was founded in the village with the same name in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. Today, it’s the larges manufacturer of office furniture in Europe. Our archive consultants now help the company to convert a previous school building in Kinnarps into a full-fledged archive.

The family-owned company Kinnarps has long preserve its history. The original wooden house that served as the family’s home, office and workshop still remains next to today’s hypermodern, hangar-sized buildings, where it serves as a corporate museum.  The company has carefully kept its historical records and took the first steps to create a professional archive some time ago.

Now, guided by Sibylla Jacobsson, chairperson and daughter to founders Jarl and Evy, the company is taking its corporate archive to the next level. A previous school building, located across the road from Kinnarp’s main office, is turned into a full-fledged corporate archive.

Our archivists and archive consultants Gustav Svensson and Karin Appell are in the field, in Västergötland, helping Kinnarps order and document its materials, as well as making a requirements lists for the new archive.