L.O. Smith, now also as e-book, audio book and updated site

Our new release of “The Vodka King – the story of L.O. Smith” is now also available as e-book and audio book. The site continues to be updated with new material.

The new edition of Pelle Berglund’s book “The Brännvinskungen – The Story of L.O. Smith”, from our publishing imprint Business History Publishing, is now also available as audio book and e-book, both in English and Swedish.

At the same time, the site has also been updated and supplemented with more exciting and informative articles about L.O. Smith and his time. The site’s new look will mimic the book designed by Patrik Sundström, who describes its design like this:

“The book about the voka king has got a raw-cut ribbon with bare gray barges, as a play with raw nature of spirits production. The silver-plated text associates with the alcohol’s silver gray, almost colorless, body. The straightforward bookband with its bristly cut edges pops out – much like L.O. Smith himself; a bit inconvenient, noisy and straightforward. The late 19th century typographic flora is represented in the book by the Railroad font and the distinctive copper plate of copper plates, a fontsheet that was used on many business cards around the turn of the century. ”

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