Launch event with the Speaker:
”Kerstin Hesselgren – hälso­vårds­apostel och riks­dags­pionjär”

Welcome to the launch of the book ”Kerstin Hesselgren – hälso­vårds­apostel och riksdags­pionjär”, with the writer Anders Johnson and Andreas Norlén, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament.

A warm welcome to Stockholm’s city archives where we will be holding the launch party for the latest book from our Business History Publishing: ”Kerstin Hesselgren – hälsovår­dsapostel och riksdags­pionjär” (“Kerstin Hesselgren – healthcare apostle and parliamentary pioneer”, in loose translation

You’ll meet the book’s author Anders Johnson who will share insights from the work behind this new biography, with a foreword by the late Barbro Westerholm.

Opening the seminar will be Andreas Norlén, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, with a few words about Kerstin Hesselgren’s importance as a parliamentary pioneer. 

You can now see the launch event here (in Swedish):