“Made in Sweden”
New book about Swedish successes

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Made in Sweden (Business History Publishing, 2019)

What does Abba, the book case Billy and the zig-zag rule have in common? They all have their roots in Sweden and have taken the world by storm. In “Made in Sweden”, a new book from Business History Publishing, we meet them and many other global hits, that you perhaps didn’t know all were Swedish.

Sweden is one of the world’s most globalized countries with a strong tradition of promoting open international trade and international contacts. In addition, a technologically advanced industry and the ability to innovate in many different areas, have made Swedish exports an important part of the country’s economy.

In Made in Sweden (Business History Publishing, 2019) author and business historian Anders Johnson lists 130 successful Swedish innovations. The book covers products, companies and people – and also ideas and phenomena, such as the Swedish queuing system. Common is that they originated in Sweden but left imprints far beyond their own country’s borders.

The zig-zag rule. Source: Hultafors Group AB.

Physical rehab gymanstics. Source: Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan (GIH)


IKEA (Photo: IKEA Systems B.V.)

Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 i Luleå. (Photo: Volvo Cars Sweden.)

The foreword to Made in Sweden is written by His Royal Highness Prince Daniel and the book was launched during the Hannover Messe in Germany in April 2019. The book is only available in English. 

Project team

This is the latest book from Business History Publishing. The book’s project team was:

Editor: Sara Johansson
Image editors: Martin Månson, Mikaela Nordin
Project manager: Jenny Bergman
Art direction: Åsa Kax Ideberg
Print: DanagårdLiTHO