New book:
The history of the Swedish bank sector

The story of how the Swedish banking industry has developed since the 1880s is told in a new book from the Swedish Bankers’ Association, based on newly written texts from the Centre for Business History.

The Swedish Bankers’ Association was formed in 1880, as an industry organization for the emerging banking industry. Since then, it has been a place for collaboration between Swedish banks, around solutions where you do not have to compete. Bankgiro, ATMs (“bankomats”) and Swish are all solutions that were developed within the framework of the Swedish Bankers’ Association.

The story of these solutions, and much more about the Swedish banking industry, is now told in the new book “Swedish Bankers’ Association 1880-2022“. It is based on newly written texts from the Centre for Business History, where archivist and writer Gustav Svensson went deep into the bank archives that we manage to show the development of the entire banking sector.

The book has been printed in a limited edition and is available directly from the Swedish Bankers’ Association.

Clients at the Swedish Bankers ‘Association were Lena Barkman and Sophie Steen, who also provided additional texts about the Bankers’ Association’s current activities. The book’s design and production was managed by Priority.