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The story of Ericsson’s Lean and Agile transformation

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"Transforming an organization : from the Lean and Agile movement at Ericsson", by Marianne Rimbark.

”Transforming an organization”, a new book from Business History Publishing, tells the story of how global telecom group Ericsson transformed to a Lean and Agile organization in the early 2010s. The book’s author Marianne Rimbark was at the core of this transformation as project and program manager. She provides a comprehensive overview of the process, full of both practical and theoretical insights. A handbook on how companies can improve their operations – and as such meant as a contribution to the global Lean and Agile community.

In 2011, the Research and Development Group within the Business Unit Networks at global telecom group Ericsson set out to change its way of working from a Waterfall method to a Lean and Agile methodology.

The change process would come to involve 550 different teams and 14,500 people across the globe at Business Unit Networks. ”This isn’t just a large transformation, it is an XXL transformation,” Marianne Rimbark wrote in the blog the kept during the five years that the transformation played out.

Marianne’s blog formed the basis for the book “Transforming an organization – From the Lean and Agile movement at Ericsson”, now out on Business History Publishing (an imprint from the Centre for Business History in Stockholm).

”I set out to describe the company’s journey towards Lean and Agile. But it also became the story of my own personal development in driving organizational change. So much that at the end of the book, I propose an evolved model for how to implement lasting change in software R&D. It’s meant as my contribution to the global Lean and Agile community, which has been so generous to me with knowledge and insights”, says Marianne Rimbark.

The book, available in both print and as an e-book, can be purchased in all online booksellers and in select physical book stores.

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