New book sheds light on Swedish tax history

The anthology “Business and Tax Issues: Competitiveness, Legal Security, Prosperity,” is a new book our imprint Business History Publishing. In it, thirteen historians and tax experts cover Swedish tax history during the past 100 years, a period of great upheavals.

The book, published in Swedish and titled Näringslivet och skattefrågorna: kon­kur­renskraft, rättssäkerhet, välstånd, is available from 23 November. It is published by our own imprint Business History Publishing, on assignment by Näringslivets Skattedelegation, an umbrella organization for various business associations’ involvement in tax issues.

The anthology describes the Swedish tax history from a number of perspectives. You will meet texts about the “eternal issues”, such as how the public sector’s income is generated and how international relations impact tax systems. There are also texts on specific topics, such as value added taxes, excise taxes and capital taxes.

Contributors are:

  • Eva-Lena Ahlqvist, previously op-ed hed at Dagens Industris
  • Associate professor Krister Andersson,
  • Professor Hans De Geer,
  • Per Dahl, previously political editor at Barometern-OT,
  • Johan Fall, business tax expert,
  • tax consultant Annika Fritsch,
  • professor Anders Hultqvist,
  • tax lawyer Jan Kleerup,
  • associate professor Jérôme Monsenego,
  • tax lawyers Kerstin Nyquist and Gunnar Rabe,
  • ph. d. Mikael Stenkula,
  • editor Amanda Wollstad,
  • communication consultant Anders Ydstedt.
Omslaget till boken “Näringslivet och skattefrågorna: konkurrenskraft, rättssäkerhet, välstånd”.

Project team at the Centre for Business History:

Stefan Andersson gave the book its form and design. Printing house DanagårdLiTO printed the book.

Bokens baksida, illustration Hans von Corswant