The history of Ruter Dam:
New film with Gunilla Arhén

New film with Ruter Dam-founder Gunilla Ahrén tells the story of how Ruter Dam, ever since 1987, has worked to get more women into high management positions. Our communications manager Anders Sjöman interviewed and made the film.

Since 1987, Ruter Dam has worked to get more women in high management positions in large companies. Today, in 2023, 1,450 women have gone through the one-year leadership development and mentoring program – and Sweden has had more women in managerial positions.

Gunilla Ahrén started Ruter Dam in 1987 and was then Ruter Dam’s CEO for 30 years before she handed over to Marika Lundsten. In this interview, conducted in February 2023, she talks about successes and challenges over 30 years, both for the organization and for the goal of getting more women into high management positions.

She is interviewed by Anders Sjöman from the Centre for Business History in Stocholm. Five years ago, he was also the editor for the book about Ruter Dam 30 years, tillsammans med Gunilla.

Project team
  • Script and interview: Anders Sjöman, Centrum för Näringslivshistoria
  • Film and editing: Kristian Jeremic-Laache, Pannrummet.

Filmed in February 2023 at Scandic Park, Stockholm.