Pod: History, a company’s hidden asset

History sells and more companies are realizing the power and potential of their own story. Our communications director Anders Sjöman was a guest on the Kntnt content marketing pod and talked about how companies can use their own authentic story to help future development.

History sells. It sells well. So good that young companies use a lot of creativity to create a historical legacy. So why don’t more companies take this opportunity, companies that actually have an authentic story to build on? Your company’s history is a hidden asset that you can use in your communications, marketing and sales.

About this, and much more concerning history marketing, talked Anders Sjöman when he visited the weekly pod from the communication agency Kntnt.

Listen to the Kntnts pod here (in Swedish).

Do you want to learn more about history marketing? Then come to the History Marketing Summit 2018 on 6 September at Nalen in Stockholm. We have brought together companies who use their own authentic stories actively to share how they work with thier history.

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