Podcast: Ad queen Sofia Gumaelius

Margarita Feldman, head of market communication at the Centre for Business History, shared the exciting story about Sofia Gumaelius, the founder of the Swedish ad industry, when she visited the content marketing pod Kntnt Radio.

This is how Kntnt Radio presented Rita:

Content marketing is as old as the marketing discipline itself, dating back to the mid-1800s. Many name the American tractor manufacturer John Deer and its customer magazine The Furrow or the French tire manufacturer Michelin with its Guide Michelin as two of the earliest examples globally.

But who was first in Sweden with what we’d today call content marketing? Archivist Margarita Feldman at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm found, if not the first, then at least one of the content marketing pioneers: the ad queen Sofia Gumaelius. In this pod cast, Margarita shares the exciting story about a truly ”self-made woman”.

// Listen to the pod cast here (in Swedish) //