Strindberg moves to Bromma

Kassaskåpet med Strindbergs originalmanus flyttas från Bonniers förlagshus på Sveavägen till våra arkivlokaler i Bromma

Yesterday, August Strindberg moved to Bromma. The safe with the original scripts by Swedish novelist and playwright August Strindberg were moved from the Bonniers publishing house on Sveavägen, where it had stood for almost 100 years, to our archives in Bromma.

A half-ton of Swedish cultural- and business history traveled through Stockholm yesterday. The safe with Strindberg’s originals are now in our archive facilities in Bromma, together with the 1,500 shelf meters of publishing history that the Bonnier-companies had already placed there.

Bokförläggare Eva Bonnier vinkar av kassaskåpet med August Strindbergs originalmanuskript.
Publisher Eva Bonnier says good bye to the safe with August Strindberg’s original scripts.
Arkivarie Ture Sjöberg från Centrum från Näringslivshistoria, tar emot kassaskåpet med August Strindbergs originalmanuskript från förläggare Eva Bonnier.
Arcivist Ture Sjöberg from the Centre for Business History receives the safe from publisher Eva Bonnier.