The Centre for Business History
is documenting the corona crisis

We are currently living through strange and historic times. The corona virus affects all levels of society, not least business and entrepreneurship. The consequences will be felt for a long time to come, perhaps permanently.

The Centre for Business History preserves and presents business history and therefore we are now documenting the corona crisis in real time. We collect material, both from media and published sources and directly from our member companies, on how companies handle the crisis, material that show fears, hopes, crises, reactions and new business practices.

We welcome contributions on how to deal with the crisis from all our member companies and member organizations, our friends association and BizStories readers. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed! In early fall 2020, we will start interviewing representatives of large and small companies about their experiences. In addition, we will continue to send out a regular survey, in order to capture the situation for business and entrepreneurs. The purpose is to create a source material for future research into the course and consequences of the crisis.

Are you a manager, entrepreneur, or otherwise active in the Swedish business world and want to participate in our surveys or contribute? Sign up here! You will then also receive notices when we – as soon as the situation allows – start reporting the results in different ways.

Questions about our corona project? Please contact us.