The First Vodka War

L.O. Smith, whose face we know from the seal on the Abolut-bottle, who was he really and how did he live?

Pelle Berglund, author of the book The Vodka King, has dedicated five years of research to map out L.O. Smith’s life. That story has gained even futher richness in recent days thanks to crowdsourcing efforts. What emerges then is an image of an entrepreneur and social enhancer who fought for workers’ voting rights and public health – and who waged war against the establishment.

The Absolut Company welcomes you to a breakfast presentation of the work done to map the life and achivements of one of Sweden’s most important entrepreneurs; L.O. Smith. During this short morning session, the film company Storyfire presents their short film “The First Vodka War”, with Leif Andrée in the role of L.O. The Absolut Company, together with the Center for Business History, will also share how they have worked to uncover more about L.O. Smith’s life.

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Thurs 17 maj
Breakfast from 8:30
Presentation 9:00-9:45

Alma, Nybrogatan 8, Stockholm