New archive project:
Organizing and listing the Nobel Foundation’s archive

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Photo: Dan Lepp, © Nobel Prize Outreach

The Nobel Foundation’s archives have been temporarily moved to the Centre for Business History to be organized and made researchable. After that, most of the archive will be moved to the National Archives, and a smaller part will be moved back to the Nobel Foundation.

Some material will also be digitized. The archive consists of 210 shelf meters of material, where a large part consists of correspondence and material concerning the Nobel Prize and the annual Nobel Festival.

There is, for example, the correspondence with Jean-Paul Sartre, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1964 but declined. There were rumors that Sartre, despite refusing to accept the prize, still wanted the prize money. In a telegram, he denies these rumors. The letter itself in which Sartre refused the Nobel Prize is also preserved in the archive because he incorrectly sent it to the Nobel Foundation instead of to the Swedish Academy.

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