Our own anniversary year! 

The Centre for Business History in Stockholm was founded in 1974 – so this year we turn 50! We celebrate this throughout 2024 with activities that highlight all the heritage found in the historical archives of our member companies.

During the anniversary year, there will be:

  • Four anniversary seminars, where authors, researchers and business leaders will share you how they use the archives – and we put on display many of the unique original documents and objects that are in the archives we manage for our member companies.
  • Our own anniversary book, out in November, where we celebrate the archives and their role as part of Sweden’s cultural heritage.
  • Art collaboration! Photographer Emma-Sofia Olsson has portrayed the beauty of the archives in a series of photographs.
  • Online shorts: 50 short films for our social media channels, where our employees share their favorite finds in the archives that we take care of. (Follow us on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss a single one.)

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See you!