Present your history
Exhibitions and events

Conferences, exhibitions and events are all excellent opportunities for meetings and discussions. Take the chance to making an engaging presentation of your corporate history, one that awakens curiosity and interest. From concept development through installation, we deliver your exhibit for you.

Put the spotlight on documents, prototypes, packages and other physical objects from your corporate archive and make history come alive for coworkers, clients and sharehodlers. History that you can actually touch is at once more real and recognizable.

At the Centre for Business History, we’ll help you produce spatial experiences as a part of your history marketing-activities. It doesn’t matter if you want a temporary booth or a permanent exhibition in your offices. We start in your archive and bring out objects and material that show your heritage. Sound, images, film, packaging and objects become experiences that bring back memories and create involvement.

A story in three dimensions

The alternatives are just too many when considering how to best tell your story in a physical, three-dimensional environment. Here are just some thoughts:

  • permanent exhibitionarea in the company offices lets you bring your company’s origin and history to live for coworkers and visitors.
  • Even empty walls in your conference room, reception, store or staff restaurant are an incredible space to visualize the company’s past.
  • Mobile exhibitions and complete convention booths on an historical teheme both propels and strenthens conferences, jubilees and staff-focused events.
  • Using digital slideshows and mobile booths, you can easily bring your history on the road.

We help you all the way!

When we create a new experience, we always start with your communicative goals. Together we set the theme and narrative for the activity. Do you want to present your history chronologically? Or just drop in on certain events in your past? Perhaps you want t tell the story through themes? Our professional archivists help you find the historical material that best support your narrative. Our editors take it from there, helping you al lthe way until production is done.