Book talk at NK Book Shop:
Johan Jakobsson on ”Göring’s witness”

14 Dec 2023, at 17.30 - 19.00

Come listen to a conversation with Johan Jakobsson, author of the new book “Göring’s witness – Birger Dahlerus’ attempt to stop World War II” (Business History Publishing, 2023), which covers how business man Birger Dahlerus repeatedly tried to broker peace between Nazi Germany and England in the years 1939 to 1944 .

During a few dramatic weeks in August 1939, the Swedish businessman Birger Dahlerus flew in shuttle traffic between Berlin and London. The self-imposed mission: to try to stop World War II.

When peace came, six years later, Dahlerus published a book in which he gave his version of his actions before the outbreak of war. Then in 1946 he was called to Nuremberg – as a defense witness for Göring! It received great attention worldwide but then fell into oblivion. When archives have now been opened in Europe, the whole story can be told – and more fully than the picture Dahlerus himself wanted to paint.

Welcome to listen to a conversation between the author Johan Jakobsson and the Centre for Business History’s communications manager Anders Sjöman about this fascinating person!

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Anders Sjöman

VP Communcations

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