One of our clients


For many years now, the Centre for Business History has managed insurance giant Skandia’s corporate archive. We have also, on assignment from Skandia, produced an historical website, where the interesting – and at times dramatic – story about Sweden’s oldest insurance company is told for both coworkers and customers.

Insurance company Skandia dug deep into its archives in 2012, after management had bought the company back form its South African owners Old Mutual and after a couple of troublesome years filled with corporate scandals. From the archives, they brought forard everything that made Skandia into… well, Skandia. Management made sure that story reached both customers, via for instance the site, and also coworkers, via the company intranet, meetings and conferences. At the conferences, coworkers were invited to add their own Skandia-historia, which they even could tell a “Dr Skandia”.  The Centre for Business History helped Skandia in all these activities, providing source material and managing productions both of the website and the events.

Ever since then, contains thousands of pictures and hundreds of movies and articles that tell the company story – and the number keeps growing.