Sara Johansson

Förläggare och redaktionell chef

Trains, music and a wooden buck that always burns down in Företagshistoria no 4, 2023

Read about railroads, how money flows in the music industry and that Christmas wooden buck in Gävle that always burns down.

Two centuries with Norstedts

Norstedts turned 200 – and released a book with 200 examples from the publisher’s long history. The book builds on material from Norstedt’s extensive archive kept with us at the Centre for Business History.

Education systems and curling in new issue of Företagshistoria

In this year’s first issue of Företagshistoria, we talk about the enterprising women of the 19th century who changed the school system, the history of Polarbröd, the Finnish porcelain manufacturer Arabia – and that all curling stones come from the same Scottish island.

New publication: Svenska Retursystem 25 years

Svenska Retursystem, SRS, started through a unique collaboration between the largest players in the food industry. In a new publication, we tell the company’s history.

New book about two centuries of education

SFUB has been active for a full 200 years. A new anthology from our publishing division describes the the association’s history and current activities. Six researchers also describe the development and challenges within the educational field as a whole.

Restaurant queen under scrutiny

Many may know that Wilhelmina Skogh was CEO of prestigious Grand Hôtel in Stockholm in the early 1900s. But there is much more to tell about this pioneer in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Big plans and well-dressed gents in lateste issue of Företagshistoria

In this year’s last issue: DN’s plans to build a planetarium in Stockholm, the history of the electric advent candlestick and about the world’s oldest bank. And much more!

Corporate museums, ABBA and royal favorites in latest Företagshistoria

In the latest issue of Företagshistoria, we talk about the system of British court suppliers, companies that create their own museums and Swedish standardization.

New book about Mathilda Hamilton, the founder of Indiska

Our latest book is a biography of a colorful person who lived an incomparable life, a human destiny that would be forgotten if it weren’t for a photo album left behind.

How Sweden was electrified in latest “Företagshistoria”

New issue of Företagshistoria now out. Learn how Sweden was electrified, then entered the nuclear age. Plus a story about zoo entrepreneurship. And much more!