Archive services:
e-Archives and digital document management

We help you bring order to your digital material. Our e-archive solution gives you better overview, searchability and security for your digital archive.

Our custom-built e-archive solution enables you to archive all your information and web sites. Our archivists can evaluate and select digital material directly on-site or on storage media sent to us. The material is made future-proof through conversions, test readings, registrations and back-up storage. The resulting digital archive is easy to access and search.

Our digital archive solutions contain:
  • Taking inventory and selecting historically valuable digital files.
  • File conversion to future-proof readable archive formats.
  • File transfer and storage on secure archive servers.
  • Storing meta data about all files, including searchability.
  • Exclusive access to your archive files through our digital e-Archive solution.
  • Export of selected files, on request.
  • Support in developing necessary meta-data structures.
  • Digitizing paper-based material.
  • Digitizing movies and transfer of videos to archive-proof formats.

Contact us for more information and price quotes:

Per-Ola Karlsson

Head of Archives