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Archive facilities at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm. Photo: Alexander Ruas.

We’ve helped companies manage their historical material since 1974. Today we look after over 70,000 shelf meters of historical material – and we often work on site at our customers’ own facilities. Our archivists empower you to discover, access and use your own unique heritage. 

Every company, whether it is 1, 10 or 100 years old, has a unique history that no one can copy. At the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, we help you get a grip on your company’s heritage by creating structured corporate archives

Our professional archivists help you bring order to your prints, protocols, annual reports, ads, design sketches, staff papers, audio files, photographs, old website and physical objects. We asses and audit, amass and sort, and make a full inventory so that your historical archive is both easily accessible and easy to expand.

When we are done, you have a grip on your company’s heritage in the form of a structured business archive. Then, regardless if you choose to keep the archive at your own location or if you outsource it to our facilities, you have a unique asset for your internal and external communication. Bringing order to historical files is also often a prerequisite if you want to meet your legal and business obligations.

Since history is created all the time, we also help you set acquisition and preservation policies, we gladly interview today’s coworkers to capture their oral history, and we create reference copies of your websites.

You own the archive, we do the rest

Many of Sweden’s leading organizations have turned to us for archival management. Outsourcing your physical material to our archive facilities lowers costs and creates an effective resource for your organization. Your archive then remains safely stored in our spacious, climate controlled facilities in Bromma, outside of Stockholm. We have over 40 years ‘of cost-efficient archival management, today managing over 7,000 corporate archives. Our facilities meet the high standards set by the Swedish National Archives for climate and security for sensitive information.

Your company of course keeps full ownership of the material. It’s your archive, we just take care of it for you. Through our service desk, you have easy access to your archive anytime during office hours. We guarantee full privacy and that no unauthorized access to your material ever takes place. We also handle all inquiries, both from your organization and from the outside world, that relates to your archive.

Bonnierförlagen, ICA, Ericsson, Hennes & Mauritz, Electrolux, Handelsbanken, OK, Atlas Copco, Apoteket, Marabou, Norstedts and hundreds of other Swedish companies already have their archives with us. Brandkontoret from 1746 is one of our oldest, still active, member companies. Here’s our complete client and member roster.

Many ways to preserve your history

Typical archive services that we offer are then:

In our spacious, climate-controlled facilities in Bromma, outside of Stockholm, we manage over 7,000 corporate archives, amassing over 70 kilometer of material. We have over 40 years’ experience of cost-effective archival management. We’d of course love to welcome your archive here too.


We help you create archive maps and take inventory of where your historical material might be. We work at your facilities and help  you organize and manage your historical material on site.


We help you bring order to your digital material. Our e-archive solution gives you better overview, searchability and security for your digital archive. 


We help you live up to the privacy and integrity demands put on your historical material by GDPR and other legislation. 


Per-Ola Karlsson

Head of Archives