Our annual
Business History Award

Business History Award is an annual award from the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, given to a person, group or company who have made permanent contributions to highlight Swedish business history and thereby shown the contribution of Swedish business to our societal development. The award comes with a price sum of 100 000 SEK.

The award can be given to individuals and researchers, as well as companies, accademic institutions or other organizations.

Dates for Business History Award 2019
  • Call for nominations starts: 2 May
  • Call for nomination ends: 18 June
  • Jury deliberations: 19 June – 15 August
  • Award recipient announced: 26 Augus


  • Chairman: Lennart Francke, board professional.
  • Roland Fahlin, chair of Friends of Centre for Business History, previously CEO for the ICA Group
  • Alexander Husebye, ceo Centre for Business History
  • Anders Houltz , head of research Centre for Business History
  • Krister Hillerud, vice president, Centre for Business History
  • Anders Sjöman, head of communication, Centre for Business History
  • Margarita Feldman, responsible for marketing communication, Centre for Business History

Alexander Husebye