Map your full history
Create a history sheet

Many companies and businesses have a history that at first glance looks impenetrable and overwhelming. We help create overview by mapping out the past in a history sheet and identifying the most pivotal moments.

The history sheets that we develop for organizations are effective tools that structure history and gives overview for future history marketing-activities.  A history sheet summarizes the history of an organization in one place. It is not a finalized narrative – but it gives you all historical events and developments in one collected place.  That’s where we place all events and developments from the organization’s life span across a time line. For an easier overview, we often tag the events according to themes that are important to the organization today, themes that we often also defined in step one of our history marketing-process.  

A well-structured archive is the best source for our history sheet, but there are many other places to find authentic stories from the past if an archive is not yet in place. The ambition is to find as many events and stories as possible, and confirm that they are in fact authentic. Events that originate form an archive are automaticall marked as confirmed. Descriptions in previously written material, such as anniversary books, are also added to the history sheet, but flagged that they need further verification. Such a flag is also put on stories that come from oral history-interview that we may conduct with management and employees.

Hire us to create your history sheet. It will give you all events, turning points and developments of your business. The events will be summarized as headlines, with the most important ones described in some more detail. In addition, reference is made to archive locations and source material.

With a mapped out history, it’s time for the third and last step of our history marketing-process.

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Anders Sjöman

VP Communcations