Present your history
Books and brochures

These days, when a whole library can fit into your pocket, an actual physical publication come with an special allure and value. You can touch it, flip its pages and read it with proper consideration. You can keep it on your nightstand or your bookshelf. Whether you want a book, a brochure or something in between, we’ll produce it for you.

A jubilee, an initial public offering or a grand opening are all occasions when you can use your history as a springboard for the continued journey forward. When your company rejuvenates its brand or establishes itself in a new market, a book can be a powerful symbol of the change that is taking place. A signed copy to shareholders, partners, suppliers or coworkers makes it extra personal.

At the Centre for Business History, we help you tell your company’s history in everything from colorful coffee table books to simple brochures. From anthologies to comprehensive narratives about your corporate heritage, told in a balanced measure between images and text.


We help you all the way

We will help you all the way from initial idea to finished publication. Our professional archivists will base their research on your actual historical artifacts: document, images, ads and early products. Our editors will help you create a synopsis that then guides our production and enables us to create content that truly engages. We cooperate with several publishing houses in order to secure print with a high quality, publishing, stock keeping and distribution of your publication. By reusing all or parts of the material digitally, you get extra leverage on your investment.

An historical narrative in text and images

A well-structured historical archive is the best foundation for an historical narrative that is authentic and relevant today. A rich selection of images and photos becomes extra valuable when you want to present your history in printed form. Old photos in black-and-white mixed with modern color pictures by established photographers makes for an engaging mix.

Our editors are experts at creating content that engages based on the company’s actual heritage. It doesn’t matter if you want to publish a book or just a pamphlet, we’ll help you find a solution that is true, relevant and engaging for your target audience. We work with a large network of writers, editors and designers, so we’ll be sure to find a solution that matches your needs when it comes to tonality, language and layout..