On history marketing
at Business History Conference and Harvard Business School


15 Mar 2024, at 14.35 - 16.15

At this year’s Business History Conference, Anders Sjöman shared how we at the Centre for Business History work with business archives as part of Sweden’s cultural heritage. Following that, he also spoke at a history conference at Harvard Business School. 

At this year’s Business History Conference, held Fri 15 – Sat 16 March in Providence, Rhode Island, Anders Sjöman spoke on “Preserving business history as a business itself – in the public interest”  on a panel about “Strategic and Material Uses of Business History”.

Read more about the Business History Conference here.

Following that, on Mon 18 March, Anders took part in the conference Oral History and Business in the Global South at Harvard Business School in Boston. There too, on panel on “New Approaches to Building and Using Oral Histories” he shared how we work at the Centre for Business History, under the heading “Saving Business History as a Business“.

Read more about the Harvard Business School-conference here.




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