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The Centre for Business History has for many years managed the corporate archives of Unilever Sweden’s many brands. For Unilever, we’ve also produced which presents the history behind brands such as GB Glace, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Milda, Pepsodent, Rexona, Sunsilk and Via. In addition, it presents the global consumer group’s history in Sweden. The site targets both coworkers and consumers in Sweden.

On the historical website, the many Swedish brands of the American consumer retailer are presented in detail, each with its own section, while Unilever’s Swedish history is presented more generally From the deposited material that Unilever has with us, we’ve unearthed many images and photos, which illustrate the many new articles on the site, written by consumer journalists and brand experts, covering Unilever’s Swedish brands.

The site also displays unique archival finds, such as a three-dimensional presentation of Via’s old laundry boxes and Milda’s old cookbooks in pdf-format.

With the archive and also the site as foundation, we have continued to support Unilever’s brand building activities with historical material. For instance when the “GB-man” Clovve turned 50 in 2015. Before the jubilee, we researched GB’s archive for ten “Did you know”-facts about Clovve which were used in GB’s market material.

Earlier that same year, we also provided background and research facts for the ice cream 88:an, which were used on 88:an’s six-pack carton. We are also frequent guest speakers at GB’s press trips and staff meetings, often asked to give our “5000 years of ice cream in 15 minutes”-presentation.