Preserve your history
Inventory and appraisal

The process of creating a professional corporate archive normally starts with figuring out where things are. So we create archive maps and take inventory of where your historical material might be, preparing for creating a professional corporate archive.

It is rare that a company starts its archival work by having all historical material in one place. More often than not, it is spread out across several geographical locations. In each location, the artefacts are probably also further spread out. The first step of creating a structured corporate archive is therefore to map out and take inventory of what material is located where.

Once mapped out, our skilled and experienced archivists will evaluate the material to assess what to keep. It is of course your decision whether to take our recommendation on what to keep and what to throw away. The remaining historical material is then transferred to our facilities, who meet the high standards set by the Swedish National Archives for climate and security for sensitive information. Historical images and films are kept at 12 degrees Celsius in dedicated climate controlled archives.

Per-Ola Karlsson

Head of Archives