Preserve your history
Save digitally!

Physical artefacts last longer if you work from digital copies. The bulk of today’s material are also directly born digitally. We help you save digitally, so that you get a better overview and can find those nuggets of storytelling gold more easily.

Our custom-built digital archival services lets you archive images and films, as well as documents, important mail correspondence, published prints, and web pages.  When you search the archive, delivery and handling is done digitally without having to touch the actual physical artefact.

Typically, our archivists evaluates and selects digital material on your premises or receive hard drives and USB-drives with files that have been transferred from servers, services and other storage devices. Our archivists can also secure historically interesting material that is stored on obsolete media and formats.Just like with physical material, an evaluation and culling phase precedes actual archiving. The finished digital archive can also be made available over the Internet, via our CFN Online-service

The material is secured for the future through conversions, test read-outs, registrations and security backups.

Our digital archival services include:

  • Inventory and selection of historically valuable digital files.
  • File conversion to long-term readable archive formats.
  • Transfer and storage of files on secure archival servers.
  • Digitalization of paper-based material.
  • Digitalization of film and transfer of video film to secure archive formats.
  • Storage of information about all files, with searchability.
  • Exclusive access to the company files via our online service CFN Online.
  • Export of selected files on demand.