Preserve your history
Save your web!

 More and more material today is born digital. Yesterday’s staff memos are today’ intranet. The product catalog is an app. Marketing brochures are all digital on your website. But these artefacts, even in digital form, are your history, which if you save it properly will help inform your decisions tomorrow. So make sure you save your websites and digital assets.

At the Centre for Business History, we preserve 7,000 corporate archives with a total of 70,000 shelf meters of physical material. But we also offer a website archive service, to allow you to easily go back in time and see how your site – and your business! – has developed.

Our web archive service is a cloud-based subscription service for anyone who wants to save their websites in a simple and accessible way.It works both on intranet and open websites. We will periodically “spider” your website, copy the content and its layout, and then archive the copy in a future-proof format.

You can then search the material yourself online, with your own dedicated login. You can choose a date and browse the website in exactly the same way as you did on that chosen day. All internal links work just like they did when the website was live. (The one thing we cannot guarantee is that externally facing links still work, since their destination sites might have changed.)

We have posted a sample of our web archive, with an archived copy of our own

To see the example: