Hi researcher Charlotte Nilsson!

Every year, the Center for Business History hosts about 400 researchers who dive into the archives that we manage. Who are they and what are they researching? We asked someone who visited us recently.

  • Name: Charlotte Nilsson
  • Profession: Doctoral student at Lund University.
  • Research topic: I am writing a dissertation on mail order as a communication system in the early 20th century. At the Centre, I have looked at Åhlén & Holm’s documents, from mail order catalogs and agent books to advertising material and incoming customer letters. (Åhlén & Holm was a mail order company, founded in 1899, which was the forerunner of today’s Åhléns.)
  • Primary archive interest: Åhléns
  • How did you learn about us: At first, I simply searched for Åhlén & Holm at Sondera (KB) and found Åhlén’s corporate archive listed with you. This is now my second visit to the Centre and it is a good and pleasant archive environment, which I hope I will have the opportunity to return to.

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