New from us:
A film about cement and concrete

On assignment from Heidelberg Materials Cement Sweden, we have produced a film about the history of the Swedish cement industry.

Cement, and the end product concrete, have over the past 150 years truly built (pun intended) our society. Roads, bridges, power stations and of coursre housing would have been significantly more difficult and expensive to build without domestic access to cement.

This is what Heidelberg Materials Cement Sweden (formerly Cementa) wanted to highlight when they hired the Centre for Business History in 2021 to produce a number of web texts about the history of the Swedish cement industry. The texts were also published the following year as a book, richly illustrated with photographs from several of the corporate archives we manage at the Centre.

As a third step in this collaboration, we were also asked to put together a film that would both summarize the history of the cement industry, as well as look forward towards the development that lies ahead. You can view the result here:

Our project team: