Anders Sjöman

Uppdrags- och kommunikationschef, vice vd

Anders Sjöman is VP Communication at Centre for Business History in Stockholm. He loves to highlight the history of companies and businesses, especially when they help us understand current events.

History Marketing Summit 2023

New book celebrates Swedish-Brazilian business history

The Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo celebrates 70 years with the new book “Sweden in Brazil – A Story of Passion for Business and People”, produced and published by Business History Publishing.

Lunch webinar: This is how IKEA works with its history and archive

Listen to a talk between IKEA’s Helena Viebke and Tony Nilsson and our own Gustav Svensson on how IKEA invests in its own archive and what goals and challenges IKEA has in that work.

Congrats Ted Ryan, new Fellow of the Society of American Archivists (SAA)

In August, Ted will be inducted as a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) – as the 10th corporate archivist ever.

Time to nominate: Business History Award 2022

It’s that time of year again: time to nominate your candidates for this year’s Business History Award.

Hans Bergström about his collected works

In a newly recorded conversation, Hans Bergström explains the reason for his “bibliography site”, and what he believes his old texts has to say about today’s society.

New book about the history of the Swedish Bankers’ Association

The story of how the Swedish banking industry has developed since the 1880s is told in a new book from the Swedish Bankers’ Association, based…

New book: 30 years since the Swedish school choice reform

In a new book, we look at the Swedish school sectors’s development – since 1842. Authors Anders Johnson and Nils Johan Tjärnlund explore how public and private school forces together have driven Swedish school development for almost two centuries, and not just since the school choice reform of 1992, which this years celebrates 30 years.

New book gives the story of Ericsson’s Lean and Agile transformation

”Transforming an organization”, a new book from Business History Publishing, tells the story of how global telecom group Ericsson transformed to a Lean and Agile organization in the early 2010s.

Martin Kragh talks about the war in Ukraine

Watch a recorded conversation from May 2022 between Russia expert Martin Kragh and seasoned journalist Torun Nilsson about the situation in Russia due to the war in Ukraine.