Present your history
Films and photos

Catching a moment in flight can change everything. Photos or movie clips are invaluable for telling engaging stories about your company’s development. Use your photographic memories to engage with your audience. Or let us produce a whole new corporate history film for you using your imagery and our authentic storytelling know-how.

A well-structured image- and film archive is a goldmine when you want to bring your corporate history to life. Authentic photographs, from early glass plates with razor-shar contours to washed-out color prints, slide carousels and digital images, they all lend credibility and life to your heritage. Clips from the film- and video-archive enhances the experience by informing, inspiring and engaging.

Some historical movies we’ve produced

“The HIstory of Systembolaget” (2015), an introductory film to the 60-year history of Systembolaget, the Swedish state-run sales monopoly on alcohol. Produced by Rolf Wrangnert, based on script and research from the Centre for Business History. In addition, 7 in-depth shorts were made. All movies are avilable on the historical website we built for Systembolaget:

“The History of Skandia” (2013), a film about insurance giant Skandia’s history and thus also about 150 years of Swedish insurance history. Produced by Rolf Wrangnert, on assignment and script from the Centre for Business History. Available on the historical website

Swedish Technology Companies: 150 years of cutting-edge technology” (2014), produced using archive material from corporations who archive image- and videomaterial at the Centre for Business History.

Visualize your corporate history

  • Historical movies create an impact on any website, in the company reception, in a store, at a jubilee, at conventions and at client meetings. They’re also easy to share on social media.  Combine historical material with freshly produced content, such as interviews, mood shots and animations to connect your history with today’s issues.
  • Web-tv är is becoming a key part of content marketing-activities, as a way to share stories that create interst and build trust. A web-tv project focusing on history on your intranet becomes a powerful tool in your internal brand building and helps build corporate culture. Bring out the successful entrpreneurs, pivotal moments and deals, important technology shifts and really daring strategic decisions from your past.
  • A digital photo album makes stories out of a series of moments.The album can easily be integrated into your existing corporate website, and works just as well on computers as on smartphones and tablets. Then use it as a slide show in your stand on the next fair or convention. The album is also easily transposed into a printed historical picture publication. A nice gift to customers, partners or coworkers.