Present your history
In social media

When honesty and transperency is more important than ever for brand building and customer relations, a verifiable historical account in social media is just what you need. Social media lets you engage with your customers and share knowledge and inspiration as part of your content marketing-activities. Cause what better content is there to start online discussions with than your own acutal true stories?

Sociala media offers new opportunities to engage with your audiences, presenting your corporate history in both glimpses and full narratives.

At the Centre for Business History, we’ll help you lay the groundwork for your history marketing-activities in social media, We’ll package your historical content for you depending on the media you choose: engaging photos for Instagram, catchy headings for Twitter, shareable posts for Facebook, etc.

With a structure and a content plan in place, it’ll also be easier for you to react to current events as they unfold. Lift the historical nuggets from your archives to place today’s events in an historical perspective. Connect then and now in order to increase the relevance for your history.

Creative communication across social spaces

Only our creativity limits us when it comes to social media. We’ll help you produce inspiring and engaging history marketing-packages, such as:

  • Use Facebook to introduce short historical updates in your regular coporate flow.
  • If you have a rich image library, use Instagram to reach new audiences. .
  • YouTube and Vimeo are natural platforms if you want to share historical film clips, archived commercials or newly produced history films.
  • Poddradio is an attractive way to reach both coworkers and customer on the move.
  • Create a digital historical quiz, to bring out the competitor in your audience.

We help you all the way!

Our professional archivists help you find the relevant facts, the telling images and the engaging examples from your corporate archive. Our editors adjust and package it for the social media you’ve selected. Revealing, informative postings or just plain fun nostalgia. If you ask us to, we’ll even help you manage your daily posts.