Book release:
Marknadens tid: Mellan folkhemskapitalism och nyliberalism

17 Jan 2024, at 17.30 - 19.30

Welcome to the book release of the book “Marknadens tid: Mellan folkhemskapitalism och neoliberalism”(Nordic Academic Press, 2023) with Jenny Andersson, Nikolas Glover, Orsi Husz and David Larsson Heidenblad as editors.

During the late 1900s, the market took on a central role in Swedish social life. A new type of market logic not only changed politics, but also people’s everyday lives, language use and frames of reference. How did it happen?

In the book “Marknadens tid” (“The Time of the Market” in loose translation), fifteen historians highlight different aspects of the change. Their contributions range from popular cultural expressions of radical market liberalism in the form of black clubs and illegal liquor stores, to the changing role of brokers and homes, the transformation of the stock market and the popularization of stock savings and much more. The historical review reveals the often overlooked social, political and cultural alliances of the market transformation, and highlights the sometimes large differences between the actors’ intentions and how it all actually turned out.

The book, published by Nordic Academic Press, is freely available as an e-book, via the platform Kriterium.

The archives at the Centre for Business History were used extensively by many of the authors during their research for the book — and so we now, together with the authors, invite you to a book release. 

During the release, the book’s editors and authors will talk about the book in conversation with Ann-Kristin Bergquist, professor of economic history at Uppsala University and Tobias Svanelid, journalist at Vetenskapsradion historia.

  • When: Wed 17 Jan, 17.30–19.30.
  • Where: Centrum för Näringslivshistoria, Grindstuvägen 48–50, 167 33 Bromma.

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