Gothenburg Book Fair 2023:
Per Eckerdal about the history of Bräcke Diakoni

29 Sep 2023, at 14.35 - 14.50

Author and bishop Per Eckerdal talks about the rise of the diaconal movement in Sweden with a focus on Gothenburg and the west coast, at this year’s Gothenburg Book Festival.

Bräcke diakoni started in 1923 as a health care training for deaconesses, a church social project to counteract social need and misery. Today, Bräcke diakonie is one of Swedish civil society’s leading welfare actors. What has that development looked like? Per Eckerdal, former director of Bräcke diaconia and bishop in the Diocese of Gothenburg, has written a book about it, “Viljan att se, kraften att förändra” (Busines History Publishing, 2023).

See the recording here:



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