One of our clients


The Centre for Business History has helped food retailer ICA to use its history as a brand building tool, in books, cd- and dvd-records, and – not the least – for an historical website.

Retailer ICA has for many years kept a well-structured corporate archive at the Centre for Business HIstory.

We have, also for man years now, helped ICA bring that archive to life in many ways, such as buidling a history website, producing a movie (which is handed out to students and teachers in secondary school), and shepherding books on ICA, such as  ”ICA-handlaren” (2012) and Hakon Swenson – mannen bakom ICA” (2012)

The history website offers a journey through Sweden’s modern history via one of its most well-known brands. The history is told through themes, such as the People, the Merchandise and the Events. Sound, film and images adds to the experience. In an educational section a time-line is presented by speaker Hans Villius.

If you’re only looking for fun trivia, stop at the interative country store, take a historical ICA-quiz or flip through thousands of downloadable images. And let’s not forget all those commercials that ICA has produced over the years. Here is the first episode of ICA’s own soap opera from 2001.

Anders Sjöman

VP Communcations