New issue now out:
Företagshistoria #3 2021

On 28 September, it hits stores: the latest issue of Företagshistoria. This time, read about Swedish advertising history, the inventor Boris Hagelin and the long history of cement.

The new issue of Företagshistoria tells the modern Swedish advertising history. The Guldägget competition celebrates 60 years this year and we look back at how it all began. It has not always been about ICA soaps and Youtube phenomena. Some of the most brilliant stars in advertising are highlighted and we also tell about how the Social Democratic Party long dominated outdoor advertising through its ad company ARE.

Swedish cement production is under fierce discussion right now. The 150-year history of cement, incarnated by the company Cementa, is told. We also give a quick review of Swedish technology history and an exciting portrait of the inventor Boris Hagelin, whose encryption machines have impacted both intelligence services and armed conflicts.

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Företagshistoria #3 2021.