Företagshistoria #2, 2023 –
Now in stores

It’s all about bicycles and diamonds in the latest issue of Företagshistoria, which hits stores on Tue 20 June. 

This time of year, more and more people choose to transport themselves on two wheels. In the latest issue of Företagshistoria, we talk about the development of the bicycle, from bone shakers to carbon fiber and electricity. We have also taken a closer look at the bicycle manufacturer Skeppshult, which has been producing bicycles in Småland since 1911, and today is the only one in Sweden to build bicycles from scratch.

When you talk about Swedish manufacturing, diamonds are probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but for several decades synthetic diamonds were actually manufactured in Robertsfors in Västerbotten. Read the full story of the company Asea’s diamond venture in the new issue!

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