Schools and curling
in new issue of Företagshistoria


In this year’s first issue of Företagshistoria, we talk about the enterprising women of the 19th century who changed the school system of the time, the history of Polarbröd and the Finnish porcelain manufacturer Arabia.


In Sweden, many may think that it was first in 1992 that Sweden got schools that were run by someone other than the state or the municipality, but private and publicly run schools had been working side by side long before that. In the new issue of Företagshistoria, we tell about some enterprising women who already changed the school system in the 19th century. A change that also meant new opportunities for half the population.

You can also read about the baker Polarbröd (the pride of Älvsbyn), how the Finnish porcelain manufacturer Arabia was once founded as a brand within Swedish Rörstrand, and why all the curling stones used in the Olympics are all made from stone from a small island off the southwest coast of Scotland.

This and much more in Företagshistoria no 1, out in Pressbyråer-stores and in our own bookshop on 21 March!