ICA SBA 17: Closing remarks from Alexander Husebye & Vrunda Pathare

As the two days of ICA SBA 17 Stockholm came to an end, Alexander Husebye from the Centre for Business History in Stockholm and host for the conference, gave same closing remarks.  He then handed over to Vrunda Pathare, from the Godrej Archives, who invited all participants to join the next edition of the ICA SBA conference: 4-6 December 2017 in Mumbai.

Photos from Vrunda’s and Alexander’s closing statements:

Alexander Husebye, CEO for the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, handed over the baton to Vrunda Patare of Godrej Archives in Mumbai, India, who will host the next ICA SBA conference. (Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf)

About the ICA SBA conference
The ICA SBA conference is an annual conference for business archives, organized by the International Council on Archives’ (ICA) Section on Business Archives (SBA). The April 2017-edition was organized by the Centre for Business History in Stockholm.

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