New book about Skeppshult Bike’s history:
We need your help to fill the gaps!

We are researching the history of the legendary Skeppshult Bike (Skeppshultcykeln) and are looking for stories from anyone who has worked in the bike factory or in any other way has a relation to the bike, its factory, or the region. Share your story!

In 1911, Albert Samuelsson started manufacturing bikes in Skeppshult, soon under the name Skogsstjärnan. 110 years later, this heritage is managed by brothers Jonas and Magnus Andersson that took the Skeppshult Bike into a new era without sacrificing tradition, quality or craftmanship. Now, the Centre for Business History is planning to tell this amazing story in an upcoming book, a history that also will mirror Sweden’s winding path into modernity.

If you have worked in the factory in Skeppshult or have some kind of relation to the factory or the area, have you any stories or pictures from your days there? Or from your life as a Skeppshult Bike owner? We are interested in all the exciting sources, memories, and stories!

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