New podcast episode:

How Teknikföretagen celebrated 125 years!

In a new episode of the podcast Radio CfN, Håkan Eriksson from the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries (Teknikföretagen) talks with Sara Johansson and Gustav Svensson from the Centre for Business History about how an anniversary can be used to raise awareness of both the organization itself and an entire industry.

In 1896, Verkstadsföreningen was founded. Today, this industry and employer organization is called Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) and has just celebrated 125 years.

During the anniversary year 2021, they told the story of themselves and their members, among other things by highlighting groundbreaking innovations that have contributed to the development of both industry and society as a whole. And you can’t describe technological development in Sweden without simultaneously sharing how the country developed from a poor agricultural land to high-tech industrial nation.

How Teknikföretagen, together with the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, told this story in various ways during the jubilee, is the topic of the latest episode of our podcast Radio CfN.  Håkan Eriksson from Teknikföretagen talks with our Sara Johansson and Gustav Svensson about the work they did.  (In Swedish only.)