Two centuries with 


As publishing house Norstedts celebrates its bicentennial now in 2023, it has released an anniversary tome with 200 examples from its long history. The material was taken from, among other things, Norstedts’ extensive historical archive, held with us at the Centre for Business History.

Per Adolf Norstedt from Örebro was a merchant and councilor who in 1823 took over a printing house in Stockholm. There he printed and published the book Description of a new Apparatus for Dissolving Potatoes and Preparation for Brandy Burning. It became the starting point for the Norstedts publishing house. When the publisher now celebrates 200 years, it does so by, among other things, publishing a large anniversary book. We at the Center for Business History have contributed with, among other things, image research and archival assistance.

Norstedt’s archive is deposited with us at the Centre for Business History and consists of documents, objects, extensive picture archives and book archives.