A “mash-up” for Svenska Bostäder

Svenska Bostäder has provided housing to the people of Stockholm since the 1940s. Using the company’s rich image archive, we at the Centre for Business History created a time and – mapbased history overerview for the company’s new website.

Since they started building houses in the greater Stockholm area in the 1940s, Svenska Bostäder has documented their projects with onsite photographers. From this rich image archives, the Centre for Business History has built a mapbased time travel story. This “mash-up” of map, timeline, image and newly written, show how the various parts of Stockholm have emerged over time. The concept was created by the Centre for Business History.

This new historical part of Svenska Bostäder’s web also contains newly written articles about events and trends that have been important to Svenska Bostäder.

The core history, with all verified facts and historical material, comes from the historical archives of Svenska Bostäder, kept both at the company itself and also with the Centre for Business History.

Project group

Project group at the Centre for Business History was:

The web solution was produced by Svenska Bostäder’s web agency, Pdb.

Click for a housing time travel with Svenska Bostäder